Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 71

Hey, everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful Semana Santa/Easter! There was all kinds of stuff going on this past week, so I'm gonna have to go bullet-list style again.

- We had a baptism! Hermana Claudia got baptized, and then gave an incredible testimony after that made about half the people in the room cry (I stayed strong, but it was kinda close). It was either the best or the second best of all my baptismal services :)

- The family of three couldn't get baptized because the papers didn't come in time. Why? Because every government agency shuts down for the ENTIRE WEEK of Semana Santa. This country amazes me sometimes. Anyway, we can't do the baptisms this next week because of General Conference (more on that later), but they're ready to get married on the 12th and baptized on the 13th! And I'm stoked about it!

- We also are working on baptizing Claudia's mom on the 13th. She's kind of a crazy lady. She LOVES the missionaries, but she's super stubborn and seems to think she should wait to be baptized. She loved her daughter's baptism though, so we're hoping that gives her the extra motivation she needs...

- I went on divisions twice this week, and did interviews on two other days, each time outside of my own area. To be honest, it kinda wore me out. I like just staying in my own area a lot better, but the zone had a bunch of baptisms this week, so I got called into action a few times. I'm hoping next week will be a little more tranquilo though.

- So they make some different (and really strange foods) for Semana Santa here. First, is a green mango covered with honey. Second, is this thing called hallote (ay-OH-tay), which is kinda like a bad-tasting pumpkin. That is also covered with honey. And third, are these weird little fruits called ciruelas (see-rue-EH-las). They kinda look like grapes, but they taste way worse than grapes. Oh, and those are also covered in honey. (Side Note: I don't understand the honey thing at all, cuz normally Hondurans don't like sweet stuff like honey. But they drench stuff with honey during Semana Santa) Anyway, we had to eat a meal with those three things three different times during the week. My comp said he almost threw up. I faired a little better, but I'm glad this is only a one-week thing here.

- It rained like CRAZY on Tuesday and Wednesday. We got drenched too, cuz there really isn't a drainage system here. Both days, we were walking in water almost up to our knees. But by far the best part of those days, was when my comp just fell one day into water up to his belly button! You see, they have ditches all over the place in this area, but when it floods, you can't see them at all. My comp fell really bad one time, and then did it again a few minutes later (but the second time wasn't as bad/funny). I came close one time, and almost my entire leg went under. It was quite the adventure (I think there are pictures of the aftermath on Facebook we went to a member's house right after and they took pictures of us).

- I'm stoked for general conference this week! I hope everyone is able to watch it, both here in Honduras and back in the States. It's kind of like a vacation for us missionaries too, where we can get a spiritual boost as well. I can't wait!

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your love and support! Have a great week! Adios y que les vaya bien!

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