Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 70

First off, this week was awesome! I would say it was the best week of my mission, but we ran into some tough days on Friday and Saturday. Other than that though, it was a pretty amazing week!

Even with all the positives, there are a few things that really annoy me. For instance, it's been an inferno here for the last couple weeks! It's so hot, that I sweat in my bed even with my fan blowing full blast on me! That is definitely not a good sign. Honestly, the only way to truly cool off is to take a shower. Funny how the "not having any hot water" thing hasn't really bothered me for the last 14 months. It's just that hot here. Also, the Honduran soccer team played Mexico this past Friday here in San Pedro (about 15 minutes from where I am). It would be great if I wasn't a missionary, but it makes missionary work pretty much impossible. The whole country just closes down for two hours to watch the game. Actually, we could follow the game ok just from walking in the streets and hearing EVERY SINGLE PERSON's TV playing the game. From what I hear, the game was an exciting tie, which kinda seems like an oxymoron haha. Also, everyone told us that the US beat Costa Rica the same day in a snowstorm in Denver. This country is just soccer crazy! Sadly, Honduras plays again on Tuesday, so we're trying to find an appointment with someone that doesn't like soccer (which is quite difficult).

Ok, now to the positives... We shattered my old record of number of investigators in church when we had 13 yesterday! It was a pretty hectic church experience, and I actually got to church about 20 minutes late with three of our investigators. But it was good to have so many people there, and so much work to do! We're planning on four baptisms this coming Saturday, but it all depends on if the papers come to marry our family. We'll at least baptize Claudia, who we thought we were going to baptize a couple weeks ago (that's a long story). But if the papers come, we will baptize a family of three as well! I'm stoked!

Time for a pretty awesome spiritual experience. So my comp and I were having a tough day last week. A couple appointments dropped, it was hotter than Hades, and we just weren't having the best time. Elder Sweat (my comp) said something like "I just wanna find a family! Why can't we teach a family?" That comment got us to talking, and we decided to say a prayer right there in the street so that we could find a family. We walked up the street a couple houses, saw a small gray house, and that's when we both just knew. We went and knocked on the door, they invited us in, and now we're teaching a family of three! Two of them went to church yesterday too! Just another cool instance of God answering prayers.

Also, the members in this ward are really stoked about missionary work! We had nineteen lessons with a member present this past week! And I feel like there's even more room to improve. Everyone is just animated to be missionaries! Cool right?

Well, I wish everyone a good week! Hope you stay safe during Semana Santa! Adios!

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