Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 69

Hey guys! It was another exciting week here in Las Lomas. There's quite a bit of excitement for members here in Honduras after the dedication of the Tegucigalpa Temple yesterday. President Uchtdorf and Elder Holland came to dedicate the temple, and we watched the transmission from the stake center. It was sweet! The coolest part was when Elder Holland stopped using his translator and bore his testimony in Spanish! It was a very simple testimony, but everyone felt the spirit so strong! The gift of tongues is alive and well haha

Saturday night was the cultural night for the temple, where the youth from the entire country went to perform in Teguc. We even spotted a couple of the youth from my ward, which was pretty cool. They performed a bunch of dances and skits, and everything came off without a hitch! We also took some investiagators to see it, and they all loved it! And apparently, the son of a recent convert saw the Cultural Night and wants to get baptized now! Which reminds me we need to go talk to him...

Anywho, we also had two baptisms this past Thursday! A member did the baptisms, and I had to perform the confirmations because no other men brought a white shirt :( We had a great turnout though, and it was a good experience for everyone involved. This week, we might have a baptism (depends on if the lady watched the Cultural Night on tv or not), and we have a family of three set up for the week after. Also, we're looking pretty good for April, although I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Funny stories of the week! First, we found this pulperia (those are like tiny stores they have everywhere here) that sells PriceMart doughnuts. They're like doughnuts from the US! My comp and I bought a box and hid it from our other two roommates so we could eat the whole thing. This looks like it might become a regular occurrence too :) Second, we went to dinner the other night, and the family gave us baleadas (typical). They LOADED them with cheese though, and Honduran cheese is pretty terrible. They gave us four too (which is a lot), so my comp and I were struggling a little with it. I was able to finish, but my comp was still struggling. He was like "If I had a place to hide these right now, I would totally do it." I responded by pointing to the empty orange juice carton on the table. And then he actually did it! He put an entire baleada in the orange juice carton (very sneakily so the lady wouldn't notice), and then left with the orange juice carton. I was impressed that he actually went through with it, and that he pulled it off successfully.

Well, that's it for this week, but we'll see what's in store for the coming week. Hope everyone has a good week! Stay safe and have fun!

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