Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 67

It was a challenging second week in Las Lomas. We had a ton of lessons fall early in the week, but got back on track during the last part of the week. But the biggest disappointment was what happened yesterday. We went to the house of five different investigator families, and all of them made excuses about why they couldn't go to church. And most of them had promised us that they would. Also, our potential March 9th baptism, Claudia, just disappeared! We still don't know what happened, and she won't answer her phone. Let's just say we dealt with some pretty frustrating things this week.

But even with the difficulties, the Lord blessed us with some minor successes. Also, I've learned that in the most difficult times of my mission, I've learned the most and grown the most. So I'm optimistic that will happen again in this situation. After all, the members are still great and really involved in the missionary work. And we have some solid investigators as well- they just need that extra spark to keep our commitments.

Here's the quick recap of our investigators: We're working on two weddings right now for families that want to get baptized. The Hernandez family is super legit, the Urquoia family just needs a little extra push. The hard part in this situation is that it's a nightmare trying to get the paperwork to marry families here. Who knows how long it will end up taking... We have a plethora (big word!) of other investigators, but each have their own challenges and need a little more work to get baptized.

Also, today was a sweet P-day! We went to the Lima zone to play soccer and drink licuados in this famous licuado shop. And you guys know how much I love licuados! I got a chocolate banana combo that was excellent! The soccer was fun as well!

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