Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 73

THIS WEEK WAS NUTS! Ok, now that I got your attention, it's time to give the low-down on one of the best weeks of my mission!

The biggest news? We finally had the wedding for the Hernandez family, my first wedding in Honduras! For some reason, weddings aren't really that big of a deal here. It's basically just two people signing some stuff, and kissing at the end. I was freaking out though cuz it was a wedding! We had the baptisms right afterward! It was a hectic day, and all kinds of things went wrong. But for every problem, there was a solution. My comp said it was like the movie 17 Miracles, as we saw one miracle after another. I guess Heavenly Father just really wanted them to get married and baptized :)

Almost as big of news? We've been teaching this young couple for about a month now. The girl, Selina, is a golden investigator, and has been from the start. The guy was a little more of a struggle. He didn't even want to listen to us at first, but the last 10 days or so, he's really opened up. He went to General Conference, and we've had some great lessons with him. So yesterday, we went for another lesson with the family and a couple of really awesome members. And last night, he dropped the bombshell! They want to get married! Elder Sweat and I can't believe how fast he changed, but that's what the gospel can do to people. So we will be wedding planners again, hopefully on the 27th.

There are two other families that ALWAYS go to church, but are waiting on divorces in order to get married and baptized. One just got her divorce, meaning she could be baptized pretty soon. And we just need to gain some money through an activity to get the divorce for the other family. Do you know what this means? With the wedding this past Saturday, we might have four weddings in the next month or two! I'M STOKED!

Funny story of the week! So one of the problems we had during our marriage/baptism was that some nino closed the door to the baptismal font, meaning we couldn't get back in... and noone had the keys. So as we were scrambling to find keys, the members came up with the brilliant idea to throw Josue (the son of the family we baptized) over the plexiglass panel in front of the font. So they boosted him a good six or seven feet, and he splashed down on the other side in the font! It actually looked kinda fun to be honest haha. Anyway, he was able to open the door from the inside, and the crisis was averted :)

Also, Elder Sweat and I have started the genius idea of making food for the members, recent converts, and investigators. We figure they always help us out with food, so the least we could do is serve them in return. Our specialty (mom will be so proud) is french toast. People here have never had it, and they think it's amazing! It's a good way to show people we care too :) And yes, mom, I can make some pretty solid french toast now :)

Well, that's all for this week! Hope all of you have a wonderful week! Adios!

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