Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 74

Hey, folks! Hope you all had an excellent week! It was a little up and down here in Lomas.

First of all, we confirmed the family that got baptized last week! I don't remember if I told you guys last week, but they weren't able to go to church last week for a last-second commitment they had. But everything got sorted out, and they were confirmed yesterday in Sacrament Meeting!

There was some sad news from the week. Elder Sweat and I have been dominating recently, and it seems like the success has been building and building. During the week, we legitimately were planning to have about 20 investigators in church for Sunday. But Satan has been working hard too. So Saturday and Sunday, we had one investiagtor after another cancel on us. We ended up having only 5 in church :( It was a tough blow, but we're gonna bounce back, and go for 20 again this next Sunday! I know we can do it too!

The family we were going to marry and baptize this coming Saturday will be pushed back a week, partly because they were out of town Sunday and partly because the papers haven't arrived yet (wedding papers are always an adventure). But they're still on board and really happy for their wedding and baptism. It's pretty incredible actually! The man, Wilmer, wasn't interested AT ALL when we first visited them. We were teaching only the woman for about 3 weeks, and luckily, she is one of my best investigators ever. She got answers to her prayers, had great experiences with the BOM, and started praying for her boyfriend to change. And almost overnight, he did! He finally came to listen to us a couple times, went to General Conference, and last week told us he wanted to get married! Now he's like our best friend! It's amazing how fast the gospel changes people :)

There weren't any terribly exciting stories from this week, other than one of our investigators falling in love with a picture of my companion's brother. She wants to go to the States now to meet him, but I don't really think Elder Sweat is going to let it happen. We're also teaching English classes, and it doesn't seem like the people are learning anything. I now realize the frustration of my spanish teachers back in the day haha.

Well, that's all folks! Have a fantastic week, and I'll talk to you again next Monday (hopefully with good news!)

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