Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 79

Another week has come and gone, and the work continues to move along here in Las Lomas! I have to admit, I really love this area! It's been my best so far.

So I guess I wasn't very specific last week because my parents thought Carlos (the 20-year old that quit smoking and wanted me to baptize him) had a baptismal date for this past Saturday, but really it is for this coming Saturday, June 1st. We did, however, have a baptism scheduled this past week that we had to postpone because our investigator, Dayana, got sick.

This coming Saturday, we will have Carlos's baptism, which should be amazing! And possibly, we will baptize two young women, Dayana and Yoany. I say "possibly" just because of the parents' permission. They both want to get baptized, have a ton of support from the members, understand all the missionary lessons, and have gone to church and seminary. But it's a little dicey with the parents.

Also, we were celestial zone for the month of April! It was kind of anticlimactic to be honest, especially since we're celebrating it at the end of May with a completely different zone than the one that did all the work. But hey, we got to eat at President's house today, so I'm not complaining. If you want to see pictures, there should be some at

Hope everyone has a great week, and is doing well! The mission really is like the best thing ever, so I don't have any complaints here! Haha adios!

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