Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 78

Hey folks! Hope everyone had a great week! It's been a wild week here in Lomas getting used to the changes.

First of all, my first son, Elder Nimatuj, is pretty cool. He's definitely new, and needs to learn a lot, but he's very humble and has a desire to improve. So I feel like it will be a good experience for both of us to be together. Also, it's amazing how his experience seems so much different than mine. The language thing is just such a big factor! I was pretty much useless for a couple weeks because I had no idea what was happening. But with a Latin, we can still do everything together :)

Second, we FINALLY had Wilmer and Selina's wedding and baptism! It's a bummer that we couldn't do it before Elder Sweat left since he and I did all the work. But the important thing is that it happened. And as an extra bonus, Elder Nimatuj is pretty stoked as a result of the early success. We'll also have a baptism this Saturday, and most likely two the following Saturday!

So I normally share a funny story, but I'm gonna switch it up this week, and share a more spiritual story about our investigator Carlos. The story begins before I even got to Lomas, when Hebert baptized Carlos's mom and younger sister. They're great converts, but Carlos was always the typical rebellious 20-year-old that didn't have any interest. He partied, smoked, drank, etc. But about a month after I got here, he started to join us in the lessons with the rest of his family. We invited him to church for three straight weeks before he finally went. And after he went to church, he decided to change everything. No more drinking, partying, smoking, nothing. We hadn't even talked about that stuff yet- he just had the desire to change it all! And now, he's preparing for his baptism on June 1 and wants to serve a mission next year! We also had a funny conversation yesterday in church:
Carlos: Can you do my baptism?
Me: Normally we have a member do it, but...
Carlos: But it's my decision right?
Me: Yes.
Carlos: Ok, I want you to do it.
We've had members do all of our baptisms here, but apparently, I'm gonna be busting out the baptismal clothes again haha.

Ok, that's all the news from this week. Thanks for all the love and support! Have a good week! Adios!

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