Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 76

Hey folks! Hope you all had a good week cuz I sure did! It was one of the better weeks of my mission so far actually! Remember I was talking about us having 20 investigators in sacrament meeting a few weeks ago. Well, we almost got there yesterday with 18. Sweat and I think it's gonna set up a bunch of baptisms for May and June, so this week we gotta get to work on putting baptismal dates with all these people.
It's still questionable how many baptisms we will have this Saturday because we're still working on collecting some papers for the couple that's going to get married. But if all the papers come in time (which is a possibility), we should have 4 baptisms! With Mother's Day on Sunday, that would be a pretty great weekend! Time to make it happen!

In a random story of the week, one of the other elders that live in our house bought a chess set for some reason. So after planning, we usually try to squeeze a quick game in before going to bed. We all suck at chess, but hopefully we get a little better with our one game a night strategy. Who knew that I would improve at chess on the mish!

Also, for a P-day activity, we went to the Estadio Olimpico this morning. It's where one of the Honduran soccer league teams plays and also where the Honduran national team plays their games! It was fun to go sightseeing there, but it would be even cooler to go back for a game sometime.

Well, that's it for this week, but here's hoping for some good news next Monday!

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