Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 80

Hey guys! Can you believe it's already June? Crazy how the time flies right? Well, we had a wonderful start to June this past Saturday with the baptisms of Carlos and Yoany! It was a wonderful baptismal service, and tons of members showed up to give them support. I even got involved in the baptism mix again by baptizing Carlos! And I'm happy to say that I'm not rusty. Everything just went really smoothly, and we even got a cake for the refreshment!

Making the baptism even more special, Elder Hebert showed up to see his old pals from Las Lomas. He baptized the mom and sister of Carlos, and they wanted him to come for Carlos's baptism as well. And somehow, Hebert was able to get permission. So he went to the baptism, spent the night at our house, and then helped us bring 11 investigators to church Sunday morning!

In a stroke of brilliance, I came up with a great nickname for my son, Elder Nimatuj. He is now known as Pikachu! Hahahaha his last name sounds exactly like Pikachu, right? Also, some people have started to call me Ash, since I'm training Pikachu. Others call me Pajaro, which means bird in spanish. There were some people that knew a little english, made that mistake, and it kinda stuck haha. We have fun with the nicknames though, and everyone is a good sport about it.

Hey, have a good week everyone! Talk to you next Monday!

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