Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 63

Another week, another baptism! This past Saturday, I baptized Janiva, a little girl that we've been teaching for about two months. She's really awesome, and I just hope she can get some support from her family to keep her active. Her brother and grandma are members too, but they're both less active. We're going to continue teaching the whole family, hopefully set up some more baptisms, and activate those that are already members. That's the plan anyway...

There probably will be a bit of a baptism drought now, unless we can convince some people and/or moms of kids. But the church is growing here, which makes me happy! We also found this guy a couple weeks ago that I haven't told you guys about yet. His name is Brian, and he's one of the craziest people I've ever met in my life. First of all, he just looks like a hippie because of the long hair and creeper mustache. But he also says some of the most ridiculous things in our lessons. We gave him a Bible for him and his wife, but he refused to share it with her for some reason. Also, he has a baby that was being really loud one time in our lesson, so he got up and said "Let me get her something so she shuts up." He says all this jokingly, and is actually a really awesome guy. But he's good for a couple good quotes every time we visit him. And there are points where I can't even hold it in and just start laughing because of the stuff he says. Let's just say it's one of our more unpredictable appointments whenever we visit him.

In other news, there is a new store in Utila that sells cheesecake! I did not realize how much I missed cheesecake, but I did. That place is now my favorite Utilian store, and it happens to be right across the street from the baleada place where we normally eat dinner! It's awesome all around!

Here's an awesome joke that my comp had the other day: In this kindergarten class, the kids were learning about colors. So the teacher asked them to make a sentence/story with the words green, pink, and yellow. The first boy Andrew said "My family saw the green grass, while eating some pink watermelon under the yellow sun." The teacher said good job and moved on to the next boy, a Latino named Pedro. He obviously wasn't prepared and had to think for a while. Then he said, "The phone went 'green, green,' I pink it up and say 'yellow.'" Haha I don't know if you guys will think it's that funny, but I thought it was hilarious. Well anyway, I hope you guys all had a good week and enjoyed the Super Bowl a little extra to make up for my absence. Haha jk but have a good week guys!

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