Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 23

So it was another good week in the (mostly) friendly town of Progreso. The big news from the past week was that we had another baptism! Alex, who I described earlier as a silver investigator, upgraded to gold this past Wednesday. We had asked him on Tuesday to pray to know whether he should be baptized. And in yet another miracle, he received his answer and wanted to get baptized. So we had the baptismal service Saturday afternoon, and other than some technical difficulties with a video, it went perfectly. I once again directed the music, which I'm scared is becoming my permanent job at baptismal services.

Also, I mentioned Ana last week, the lady that we found that had the dream about our chapel. She and her two kids are some of the most amazing people I've ever met. In fact, there needs to be another category above golden investigator to describe them... maybe platinum investigator? It's just incredible to see how ready they were to receive the gospel! She's already made friends with pretty much everyone at church, and the members are asking to go with us for our appointments with her. We might have to start making a waiting list because of how popular she is. If all goes as planned (which it should because she's pretty much perfect), we'll have their baptismal service on May 12th.

We also had another service project this past week, where we picked up trash on the main road in our area. Sadly, it was pretty much impossible because everyone litters and there was so much trash. It made me feel pretty guilty about the times where I've littered myself, so I'm trying to drop that bad habit (my mom is probably shaking her head in approval). But overall, it was a fun service project, and I'm glad we could help the community physically as well as spiritually :)

In the food news of the week, I'm slowly developing an addiction to the "banana licuado." It's really simple- just a banana and milk mixed in a blender and then frozen so it's like an Icee. Sister Nunez, my favorite member in the ward, makes them for us every time we have dinner because she knows how much I like them. Gotta love the simple pleasures in life :)

Ok that's it for this week. Hope everyone is doing well! Have fun and stay safe!

Elder Birt

Alex's Baptism Saturday April 28, 2012

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