Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 22

Hello again to all my faithful readers! Hope you had a great week! It was another successful week here in Honduras, and the work is really starting to pick up.

The big news is Odette´s baptism on Saturday. Everything went perfectly, and the baptismal service was quite emotional. There were some tears shed, and everyone enjoyed those happy feelings that only the gospel can bring. I stayed pretty busy during the baptismal service - I directed the music, sang in a quartet for the musical number, and then performed the baptism (Side note: I haven´t suddenly gained a lovely singing voice. I think the ward mission leader just made a mistake when he put me on the program for all the musical stuff). Nevertheless, I think everyone enjoyed the baptism. I know I sure did!

The other big news of the week is a pretty cool story. So my companion and I were going to our last appointment before the baptismal service, and were running a little low on time. On the way to the appointment though, I felt like we should stop by an inactive family´s house and invite them to the baptism. We got to their house (which is actually like 6 houses right next to each other), and the gate was locked. We were turning around to leave when I saw a kid across the street. So I asked him if the people were there, and he happened to have a key to let us in. After we talked with the inactive family, we were about to leave when my comp saw a lady in one of the other houses and decided to contact her. We were kind of in a hurry, but I grudgingly agreed. So we started talking with her, and she told us she had been waiting to talk with the Mormon missionaries. We talked a little more, and then invited her to church. To our surprise, she came to church the next day. And that´s when we fully found out why she had been waiting to talk with us. She told some of the members that she had been searching for a church for a while, and had recently prayed to know which church to attend. As an answer, she had a dream, where she saw our chapel. And then, we happened to pass by her house a few days later, which just made her even more sure that it was an answer to her prayer. It was amazing to see how God worked in this case. So many things had to happen at exactly the right time, and they did. Ana (that´s her name) and her two kids are three more golden investigators that were prepared specifically for us. We´ll start teaching them this week, and they should get baptized on May 12th. Gotta love missionary work...

In other investigator news, Alex came to church again this past Sunday for the third time. He might get baptized this upcoming Saturday, but he´s told us he´s still a little unsure and might need more time. Odette´s cousin, Estela, couldn´t come to church this Sunday because of a commitment in San Pedro. But she is really positive and will probably get baptized in the upcoming weeks.

In violence/crime news, we had another near miss this past week. We were teaching a lesson outside one night (because it´s a lot cooler) when the guys we were teaching told us to get inside the house. They had seen the beginnings of a robbery a couple houses down. Turns out that a car had driven by and robbed a guy walking in the street. I have no idea how the guys we were teaching saw it so fast, but they got us inside the house before it even started. Just another example that we´re being protected out here (mom, this was meant to reassure you, not to freak you out even more).

This probably wasn´t even on the radar in the United States, but Real Madrid played Barcelona on Saturday afternoon. For those who don´t know, they are probably the best two soccer teams in the world. Plus they´re both in Spain, so it´s an intense rivalry. It basically shut down all of Honduras for two hours, making missionary work difficult. It´s pretty amazing how obsessed with soccer these people are. Sadly, Real Madrid won, which meant I got a lot of heckling from the Madrid fans that we visited that day haha

Ok, that´s it for this week. Hopefully, the report next week includes another baptism! Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Elder Birt

 Baptism of Odette April 21, 2012

 Baptism of Norma and Nora (mother and daughter, with member boyfriend in-between)

P-Day with Elder Hebert in orange

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