Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 21

Today marks 5 months in the mission. In a way, it's felt like 5 years and in another way, it's felt like 5 days. Kinda weird... I think there's like a weird time warp on a mission. But anyway, here are the highlights from the week that was.

Odette, one of the baptisms for the 21st, is a sure thing. She's been such a golden investigator - we only started teaching her about 4 weeks ago. The other planned baptism, Alex, told us he might need more time. He also couldn't come to church yesterday because he had some business with his family. But we have a tentative date set for the 28th, and we're working to accomplish that. We started teaching him near the same time as Odette, so he's a pretty great investigator too (not quite golden; maybe silver or bronze instead). But it's been amazing to see that there are people here that have been prepared for the gospel message. Also, we're teaching Odette's cousin, Estela, and have a date set for May 5th. She came to church for the first time yesterday and said she enjoyed it. So we'll see how that goes... keep them in your prayers! :)

In a funny story of the week, we ran across a Jehova's witness lady that lives close to our church. The lesson started out fine, but quickly turned hostile when we started disagreeing about the role of prophets. She started telling us why we were wrong, using a bunch of scriptures from the Bible. So this was when my comp and I did something that, here in the mission, is called machete-ing. It's basically just being really bold and telling stuff to people like it is. My comp might have taken it a little too far, but I'd like to think that I machete-ed with the spirit. After all, I just used the scripture from Mormon 9:7-9, so really it was the prophet Moroni doing the machete-ing for me. She wasn't very happy about it, to say the least. But the funny part was at the end of the lesson, my comp asked her when we could come back for another lesson. Obviously, that didn't work out, and I'm pretty sure we won't be teaching her anytime soon.

Luckily, not all people we meet are like that. We were doing a little contacting Saturday morning, and I saw a house that caught my eye. We started our little intro about how we're the missionaries and we share the gospel of Jesus Christ. She cut us off about 15 seconds into it, and told us to come in and talk with her. Needless to say, this piqued our interest. We started talking with her, and she said in the 15 years she had lived here, the missionaries had never talked to her and her family and that she wanted to hear what we had to say. So we shared a 30 minute message with her, and were getting ready to leave when she asked if we wanted pancakes. My reaction: "YOU HAVE PANCAKES?! I haven't had pancakes my whole time here in Honduras!" Basically, she was one of the nicest ladies I've ever met. I'm not really sure how interested she is in our message, but I guess we'll find out this week...

In our P-day activities this week, we played soccer (which has deteriorated greatly with the influx of gringos haha), and then went to Wendy's, where I got two frosties. It was probably the most enjoyable ice cream I've ever had in my life. Also, we found out about changes, or, in my case, a lack of change. My comp and I are both staying in Progreso, so I guess there is more work for us to do here. To be continued...

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