Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 20

So this past week was Semana Santa, or "Holy Week." It's basically
like our celebration of Easter except it lasts for a whole week.
Hardly anyone has to work and most people go on vacations to
celebrate. Kinda different... but cool at the same time

The biggest news of the week was the two baptisms we had! Everything
went pretty smoothly, and we now have two new members of the Progreso
Ward :)

We also had interviews with our President this past Thursday, which
meant we went to the mission offices in San Pedro. It was the first
time I had ever been inside the offices, and to be honest, I'm quite
jealous. Mainly because they have air conditioning, which I now think
is one of the best inventions of all time (I guess you don't realize
how awesome it is unless you don't have it for a while haha). But we
also had some excellent brownies/cake from Sister Viers, the wife of
the mission president. And we got to chat with all the office people,
including the president. Good times...

Interesting story of the week: I went on divisions with another Elder,
who is on his FIRST CHANGE OF THE MISSION! So basically, I was like a
trainer for the day. It freaked me out a little when I found out about
it. But with the help of a lot of prayers, the day went pretty
smoothly. We got a lot of help from the members that day, which I know
wasn't just a coincidence. But it also gave me some confidence that I
can handle some more responsibility on the mission :)

We also had some success yesterday, when we brought seven
investigators to church! And two of them have baptismal dates for the
21st! They were both references from members and are basically golden
investigators that have accepted everything we've taught. One is a
young single mom named Odette and the other is an 18-year old guy
named Alex. So we'll be working with them a lot the next couple weeks
to make sure the baptisms happen on the 21st! :)

Ok that's all for this week. Hope everyone had a great Easter
celebration and ate lots of chocolate for me! Que tengan una buena

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