Friday, January 6, 2012

Week 7

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a good week and a good start to 2012! It's been a pretty hectic week for me, so I'll get to the details:
1. Our Branch President came to see Elder Hebert and I in the computer lab on Sunday. He barely even said hello to us before saying "Hey, we want you elders to be zone leaders." Elder Hebert and I were both shocked by the news, but we accepted so now we're zone leaders! In the MTC, we don't really have to do that much. It's basically just interviewing the district leaders once a week, writing a report on each district, and being in meetings ALL DAY on Sunday. So it's some extra responsibility, but nothing too overwhelming. One positive is I've really gotten to know the younger districts a lot better as a result. But the coolest thing will be next week when our zone gets a new district. As zone leaders we get to welcome them and give the MTC campus tour, so that should be pretty fun!
2. Also, because of our newfound veteran status at the MTC, we got to usher for a devotional this week and host the new missionaries! Ushering ended up being really anticlimactic, so I don't have much to say about that. But hosting the new missionaries was an interesting experience. It brought back all those emotions of when I entered the MTC - of being nervous, overwhelmed, and excited all at the same time. I ended up hosting two new missionaries, which basically means giving them a quick tour of campus, showing them where they'll live, where their classroom is, etc. It was really interesting to see other people go through the same thing I did a few weeks ago. Oh and I get to do it next week too, so that will be sweet!
3. Our teaching schedule has been a lot more intense this week haha. Yesterday, we taught 3 lessons in like 2 hours! We also got a new teacher- NO MORE HERMANA KEELE! NOOOO! It's amazing how attached you become to your teachers after only 7 weeks, but it's true. It's a real bummer, but at least we got to keep Hermano Davis :) Our new teacher is named Brother Harker and he's pretty cool. He served a Spanish-speaking mission in Canada, which I thought was pretty strange haha. Anyway, our best lesson of the week was when we taught Ariel (Hermano Davis) about the law of tithing. He told us that he literally did not have enough money to give up 10%, but after hearing our lesson and talking about it a little more, he agreed to try. It's amazing how much faith some people have to do that. I'm sure I'll have an experience or two like that in Honduras too.
4. So I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but we have English-speaking missionaries as our roommates now (they're actually going to Houston!). Anyway, we've become good friends with them, and we actually have had some good talks about life over the last week. They also have some crazy stories- one of them told us about breaking his femur on a trampoline, how he fell asleep one time while driving a car, etc. But the really funny thing is that Hebert and I just have private conversations in Spanish sometimes, so they don't know what we're saying. Not very often, but it's kind of funny. Also, we told them the word "embarazado" means embarassed, which seems reasonable. But in fact, it means pregnant haha. So every once in a while, our roommate will say he's very pregnant when he thinks he is saying "embarassed." So make sure none of you make that mistake, especially around people that speak Spanish.
Ok I'm out of time, but I hope you all have an awesome week! Also, thanks for all of the letters- it's great to hear from you guys :) Hasta luego!

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