Friday, December 30, 2011

Week 6

Hey everyone! Hope y'all had a good Christmas! I know I did. Ok, this was a really crazy week, so I'll just do the list thing again:
1. My favorite lesson of the week was on Monday night. I'm normally a little tired during the day, but I could barely keep my eyes open that night. Seriously, I was struggling. But... when we went into the room for the lesson, that all went away! It was incredible! We ended up having a really powerful lesson on the Plan of Salvation. Our investigator, Esperanza, had lost her parents when she was little, so it had added significance for her. After the lesson, I went back to being super tired haha. But that's just more evidence that I was blessed during the lesson :)
2. We got new roommates on Wednesday. I'll be honest, I wasn't too happy about it. They're going to Houston English speaking though, so that's given us some stuff to talk about. But the downside is I'm on the top bunk, and Elder Hebert and I can't have our nightly talks about life anymore haha. Plus it's pretty cramped cuz there are only two desks. It'll work out though - I suppose it's just preparing me for Honduras. And when Hebert and I don't want them to know what we're saying, we just talk in Spanish haha
3. We had the funniest role play this week! Our teacher asked Elder Hebert to be his companion when they contacted someone in the street. They were just practicing getting to know someone and incorporating a gospel message into that. So our teacher, Hermano Davis, asked how the people were doing and what they were talking about. When they said they were talking about girls, Elder Hebert said "Oh ya, I remember those days!" There were a few seconds of silence, and then everyone busted up laughing! Ok maybe it's not that funny now that I'm reading over it. If you thought it was funny, awesome! If you didn't, I guess you had to be there.
4. Spanish is going pretty well. We've learned all the verb tenses, so I guess that's exciting. So we're just reviewing some of the more difficult concepts for the next couple weeks. I feel pretty comfortable with gospel stuff, but I'm not gonna have a clue what's going on when Honduran people start talking about soccer or something. I hear everyone gets owned in the first couple months, so hopefully I get a good, patient trainer.
5. There's been a big emphasis this week on forgetting ourselves when doing missionary work. Elder Bednar said it on Sunday, we've had lessons on humility during class, and the speaker for the Tuesday devotional mentioned it as well. He also included 23 scriptures in his talk! And he read every one of them! Elder Hebert and I started taking bets on how many scriptures he would use. Don't worry though, it wasn't for real money. By the way, I lost the bet :(
6. So I pulled a mini-prank on Hebert by getting the coldest water possible and throwing it into his shower. He screamed like a little girl and even said I was worse than Hitler. I thought that was a tad bit of an overreaction, but I guess it was kinda mean. I still make fun of him for it though. And who knows, maybe I'll do the same thing a couple times this week. I feel like it builds companionship unity haha
7. Hebert and I also started a new fad called "owling." For those of you who know what planking is, it's pretty similar to that. You just sit in a catcher's stance and try to look like an owl. You can even throw in a few "Whoooo"s if you feel like it. But like planking, we try to do it in the most random places possible. It's been quite fun, and we've gotten some strange looks as a result. Send me some pictures of your best "owling" photos if you want to follow the sensation that's sweeping the nation.
Quote of the Week: "You are a product of your choices, not a victim of your circumstances."

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