Friday, December 16, 2011

Week 5

So today, I hit the one-month mark at the MTC! It's weird cuz on one hand, it feels like it's already been two years. But on the other hand, I can still remember coming into the MTC like it was yesterday. I don't know, I guess the MTC just distorts how time is passing. This week felt a little more normal though, so that's good. One of the guys in our district left for the Guatemala MTC (actually it was our old district leader), so we're down to eight now. The new district leader is one of my best friends, which is definitely a good thing to have. Ok here's a random list of things from the week:

1. Lessons! We've taught about once a day this week, and our lessons are definitely improving. Although there have been a few where our teachers give us like two minutes to prepare, so they're a little sketchy haha. But we had one yesterday on the Atonement that was super powerful! The spirit was really strong, and our "investigator" accepted our message really well. Also, we had another TRC with that same lady from last week (the one from Mexico that talks REALLY fast). This week went a little better. I could actually understand the points she was making, even if I couldn't understand every word. I guess that means my Spanish is actually improving! Yay!

2. Sleep! I've realized the two things you treasure most in the MTC are sleep and letters. We only get about 7 hours of sleep a night, and we work really hard all day. The good thing is I fall asleep right away. The bad thing is that after lunch, we have a district-wide malaise haha. It's honestly hard to keep my eyes open, and mumble stuff back to the teacher in Spanish.

3. Pranks! So the guys next to us got new roommates this week, and decided to play a prank on them. They just made it really awkward by acting like they hated each other. It got pretty elaborate, and our whole district joined in on the prank haha. Anyway, they started yelling at each other, having some shoving matches, storming out of the room, etc. I think it kinda freaked out the new missionaries, but we ended up telling them by the end of the night. They looked pretty relieved lol

4. We had a substitute this week that ended up telling us stories about his mission for like an hour. It's probably not exactly what he was supposed to be doing, but it was good to have a break after working hard all day. He told us about having a companion that had a scholarship offer to play catcher for Texas A&M, so he was obviously good at baseball. Anyway, while they were tracting (in Argentina by the way), a teenager threw an orange at him as a joke. The kid didn't throw it hard, but it hit the guy who played catcher and he got really upset for some reason. Our teacher said he picked up the orange and threw it like he was trying to throw someone out at second base. So this orange going about 70 miles per hour whizzed past the kid's head, missing him by about a foot. I know it's a really random story, but it was quite funny at the time.

5. Bets! Not for money of course, that would be ridiculous. But my companion and I made a friendly wager with our new district leader this week. If he and his girlfriend break up before he gets home from his mission, he has to go to BYU! So basically he has to come to BYU because there's no way his girlfriend will wait two years for him haha. That's just how it works. But he seems convinced that they'll stay together, so I guess we'll see what happens.

Ok just a little disclaimer: I think these stories make it seem like we're just having fun all day, which is totally not true! We just like to have a good time, and our district has become super close over the last few weeks. But we've also learned a TON, and had so many awesome spiritual experiences. Ok that's all for my disclaimer. Hope everyone has a good holiday season! Stay safe and have fun! Remember the true reason we're celebrating Christmas. Ok I really gotta go else the MTC police will be after me for going 8 minutes over my e-mail time haha. Nos vemos!

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