Friday, December 23, 2011

Week 5

Wow what a week! Thanks to everyone who sent me letters and packages! It's great to hear from people during the holiday season. But just for future reference, I don't think I need any more food for the whole time I'm in the MTC. My family really came through, so I'm set for the next month haha

1. Spanish! So this last Monday, my companion said he was going to start talking only in Spanish all day. I was pretty skeptical when he said it, but he's kept to his word. This has meant some serious frustration for me at times though. When he can't communicate something after a couple tries, I'm like "Just say it in English!!!" But he hardly ever does. The awesome thing is that it's really helped us in our lessons and just speaking in general. I feel like we improved more this past week than any other week, and it's really due to Elder Hebert's diligence. Another funny thing that we've started doing is translating English sayings into Spanish. My favorite so far is "Ganador, ganador, la cena de pollo" which loosely translates to Winner, winner, chicken dinner. It's kind of stupid, but we're so tired, that everything is funny haha
2. Gym! The scale has been kind to me this week, as I've maintained my weight. Also, basketball has been super fun. The only lame thing is that I got elbowed in the mouth the other day, so my lip is killing me. At least it wasn't my nose though. Also, there's a guy from the new district who is a beast at basketball, so it's pretty fun to be on his team lol
3. The Dorms! So one night, we were really bored and decided to look above the ceiling tiles in our room. Turns out some missionaries before us had thought the same thing! There was a box of toys up there, including a pinata of Big Bird. It was really random, but kinda cool. It's like the missionaries before us had their memory live on. Anyway, we put the Big Bird pinata in one of the showers, and it really scared the first guy that went in there the next morning.
4. Lessons! Ok funny story from our lesson yesterday. We've been trying to get one of our investigators (Ariel) to bring his wife for our lessons cuz apparently you can get really creative with these role plays. But we were planning on teaching the law of chastity for the first time ever in our lesson to Ariel because it comes up in the baptismal interview. However, his "wife" was there for the first time. He hadn't even told us about it, but we didn't wanna teach law of chastity for her first lesson cuz that's just weird. So we adjusted on the fly and talked about the importance of families. It was kind of an awkward transition at first, but the end of the lesson was really powerful. We almost got her to agree to baptism actually, but she ended up backing out and saying that she needed to think about it some more.
5. Competitions! Elder Hebert and I have a competition every day where we see who weighs less. It was really funny this week cuz I won every day, but it was by a pound or less every time haha. I like to make him think he has a chance. Also, the new tic-tac record is 2 hours, which is held by me. Noone, under any circumstances, should try to break this record because it absolutely destroys your mouth. It took me like 5 days to recover, which wasn't good combined with the busted lip.
Well, that's all for this week! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! If you haven't gotten your presents by now, I feel sorry for you because it's a lost cause. Have fun and stay safe! Nos vemos!

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