Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 9

36 Hours!! Ya that's how much time I have left until I leave for Honduras! It's really crazy to think about, but I'm so excited to get going with the teaching there.
Ok stories of the week!
1. We had in-field orientation yesterday, which basically teaches all of the other stuff about missionary work other than teaching. So we learned how to contact, find investigators, work with members, and all that other stuff that people don't normally think about. I learned a lot, but it was mentally draining because we had classes the entire day.
2. Our teacher, Hermano Davis, decided to tell us all the crazy stories from his mission this week. The most intense one was when a guy answered the door and pointed a gun at him. Hermano Davis was just super bold and told him the consequences (both in this life and the life to come) if he decided to pull the trigger. Obviously the guy left him alone, but it was an interesting story about how God protects his missionaries.
3. Speaking of guns, they just did a study of the most dangerous cities in the world. Guess who was #7? Some random city in Mexico. Whew thank goodness. But #3 was Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. Thankfully it's not in our mission. The bad news is that San Pedro Sula was the #1 MOST DANGEROUS CITY IN THE WORLD according to this study. I guess we'll see how that goes...
4. Just to calm you down after reading the last paragraph, we talked with another teacher that served in Honduras, and he said it's the most amazing mission ever! He had a maid in most of his areas, which I'm crossing my fingers for haha. His mouth almost started watering when he talked about the food, especially balelletas (?) which he said was one of the best foods he's ever had. But most importantly, he said the people are really humble and ready to listen to our message. I'm so excited to get going, and I know the Lord has prepared people specifically for me and everyone else in my district. I've loved my time at the MTC, but now it's the real deal! Next week's letter will be coming from Honduras... if i can find a computer haha. Anyway, hope everyone has an amazing week- I'll be praying for all of you! :)

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