Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 61

I have a shocker for you guys... it's actually cold here! It's legitimately the first time I've been cold in Honduras, and it's not fun at all. It's been raining for about the last 4 days, and it's supposed to continue for another three. Let me tell you, it's not fun walking around in the rain all day. Also, there's nothing in our house to make us warmer. My companion and I realized that Hondurans are only focused on making themselves colder since it's always so hot. I guess that makes sense though, since the first time I was cold was almost a year into my time in Honduras. Isn't that crazy?! This Wednesday is my one-year anniversary in Honduras! Ok, I better not get ahead of myself... here's what happened in the week that was:

- We had a record-low in church yesterday, with a mighty attendance of eleven! That includes me, my companion, the two ladies we take the sacrament to who don't actually leave their house, and two tourists (more on that later). So that means only five Utilian people actually came to church. We only ended up having sacrament meeting because so few people came. I guess that's what happens when it rains 3 days straight in Utila.

- Incredibly, one of those five people was Maria, our awesome investigator! And since she went to church again, it means she will be baptized this next Saturday! I'm gonna have another baptism! In the ocean! I'm so happy for her, and how she has progressed over the last couple months. I think she'll be one of my strongest converts so far :)

- So we had two Mormon tourists visit us in Utila! If I haven't mentioned this before, I LOVE Mormon tourists that come here and find the missionaries. They went to church, and we spent most of our P-day with them since they had a golf cart. We rode around the whole island, visited some freshwater caves (they were sweet!), saw some cool sights, and ate a delicious lunch. Pretty awesome P-day in my opinion.

- In super exciting church news, the temple in Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras) opens in March! It's not in our mission boundaries, so I'm almost positive we won't get to go. But all the missionaries and members are really excited for the first temple in Honduras! This past week, the entire Presidency for the Central America area came to San Pedro. And as Branch President, I was able to watch two broadcasts with the members of the branch! It was excellent, and got the people even more excited for a temple in their own country. Just more evidence that the church is growing :)

Ok, that's it for this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. And a special shoutout to Ashlee, who reports to the MTC on Wednesday! Good luck in Norway!


Elder Birt

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