Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 59

There won´t be a blog entry this week, but maybe you guys can put some parts of my personal emails to you guys for the blog.
I can´t even imagine cold weather right now- it's so incredibly hot right now, and it will just get hotter.

I'm sleeping on the floor right now on a bad mattress. But I am so tired at night I feel like it doesn't even matter where I sleep now as long as it's even somewhat comfortable. I think I've become an even deeper sleeper during my time out here. There was a big storm the other night, and my comp was amazed that I didn't wake up.

I'm actually in Ceiba again cuz we came for interviews with the President yesterday. That's why it's a special Tuesday P-day today. We're with the whole zone, and we've played basketball and soccer today.

It looks like we're only gonna have one baptism this month (a lady named Maria who has changed SOOO much in the short time that I've been teaching her). But maybe we'll slip another baptism in before the end of the month.

I had my interview yesterday with President Veirs, and to be honest, it surprised me a lot. He almost apologized to me for keeping me in Utila for so long. And then, when President said the closing prayer, he thanked God for my sacrifice in "a difficult area." He's one of the most positive guys I've ever seen and has some great faith, but he wants Utila Branch to have it's own leadership and for his missionaries to be doing missionary work. Which would just make it even more incredible if we baptize or activate a branch president that can help the members out there. It's been an interesting situation to say the least - I'm so glad to now have Elder Russo though because he's a good guy and really excited about the work.
Til next week!

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