Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Week 54

Hey everyone! Sorry if you guys were expecting the blog on Monday. We learned last week that there was going to be a special Christmas multi-zone conference on Monday, so our P-day this week is on a Wednesday! The conference was awesome- we took the boat to Ceiba (AKA the mainland/normalcy) and met up with about 35 other missionaries there. We heard some talks from our APs and President Veirs gave an excellent talk about the importance of Joseph Smith in the history of the church. And then we watched videos from all the areas in the entire mission! Every Christmas, every area makes a small video and then we watch them in the Zone Conference. We had some good laughs haha.

This Saturday, we will have a baptism... in the ocean! How awesome is that?! It's this eight-year old girl named Suleka. We're teaching her parents too, but they have some problems with the Word of Wisdom and have to get married first. We're hoping their daughter's baptism spurs them on. Also, we're pretty sure we'll have a baptism the following Saturday as well! So I'll at least get to experience Utila baptisms!

Also, this week is the Primary program! I'm pretty stoked. The Primary President is awesome- there's usually one person in each area that is the mom figure for the missionaries, and it's her here in Utila. And she has done some incredible work for the Primary program. We should have about 20 kids participating in the program, and she's publicizing it to inactives and non-members as well. I'm hoping for the highest attendance during my stay here in Utila! :)

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic week! I'll have another blog in only 5 short days! Haha stay safe and get started on your Christmas shopping (especially for the guys, we tend to procrastinate haha). Adios!

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