Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 55

(Editors' Note by Mom: I think Cam thinks he has told you all about his companion - in reality he has only told us in his personal letters.  Cam recently caught him leaving the apartment at night and it has been widely known that he has had a personal cell phone almost his entire mission, but he denies it.  He has been in trouble most of his mission and has almost been sent home numerous times.  His time is actually up next week, you would think he would keep his head until then!)

Whoa it´s insane what´s happened in the last 5 days! My head hurts just thinking about it, but here's the quick recap of the madness in Utila recently.

First of all, there are the issues with my comp. I told my mission president that I suspect him of leaving the house in the night and having a cell phone, but I still don't have any evidence of either of those things. Anyway, I called pres one day about something unrelated and he told me, regarding my comp, that all hell was going to break loose on Sunday. Those were his exact words. So the next night, I was talking with my zone leaders, who were planning on coming Sunday (AKA yesterday). And that´s when my zone leader told me that Pres was sending my comp home (as in El Salvador) without honors. At that point, President's quote made a lot more sense.

Anyway, we had a baptism on Saturday (just wait, this is relevant to the story) and I performed the baptism in the OCEAN! It was excellent, and it was great to return to the water after a long dry spell (haha that was a clever pun). Ok now the point relevant to the story. As I was changing into my baptism clothes, I dropped the cell phone in the toilet! It seemed fine at first, but after the baptism, it didn´t work. It was pretty much the worst timing possible considering what was going to happen the next day.

So Sunday finally rolls around, and church was awesome and a royal mess at the same time. It was awesome because we had 49 people show up to Sacrament meeting to see the Primary Program. It shattered our old attendance record, and we could barely fit everyone into the room. However, as Hondurans tend to do, everyone showed up late. My primary president was asking me to wait to start sacrament meeting, so she could get everything ready, and we ended up starting about 10 minutes late. We performed the confirmation of Suleika, passed the sacrament, and then started the primary program. It was excellent- one of the best primary programs I´ve ever seen. But... the adults decided to start all sorts of apostasy. My relief society president started taking pictures and videos in our chapel, and I had to tell her to stop. Two people tried to give me tithing money without filling out a form. And then the primary presidency apparently thought church finished after sacrament meeting. They brought two cakes and soda, gave it to the kids, and they started running around while the adults were still having class. My head was spinning trying to stop all this stuff, and I was able to somewhat stop it before it got too out of hand. It was still ridiculous though.

Anyway, we finally get out of church, and I use a member's phone to call my zone leaders and find out what's going on. Turns out they weren't coming, and the APs and President had been trying to get a hold of me. I talked to both of them, told them my comp's story again, and President said he's going to make a decision about whether he stays or goes. Meanwhile, I'm just floundering here, trying to keep a struggling branch afloat, keep my comp from doing anything too illegal, find a phone, prepare a baptism, and start tithing settlement. This place is definitely keeping me on my toes haha

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