Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 27

Big News! I´m getting transferred! So next week´s e-mail will be from a new area with a new companion. It´s kinda scary because I have no idea what to expect (I´ll find out what area and which companion this Wednesday at the change meeting). It will also be sad to say good-bye to the only place I know in Honduras. I´ve met some really great people here and made some friendships that should continue after the mish. It´s amazing how close I became to some people after 4 months. But I´m also excited to move on to a different area and face different challenges, meet new people, and make more friendships. That´s just life on the mish! :)

In other news, we met this guy about a week ago named Mario. We taught him and his friend a lesson, invited him to read and pray about our message and come to church with us on Sunday. He seemed fairly interested, so we set up an appointment for this coming week to teach him more. This Sunday rolled around, and we went to Sacrament meeting. About 20 minutes into Sacrament, we were pretty bummed cuz it looked like we would only have 1 investigator show up. But then Mario came in, saw us, and came to sit by us! Then he stayed for all three hours of church! Obviously, this was a good sign, so we taught him a little about the Book of Mormon after church and left him a copy with a chapter to read. It´s kind of a bummer, but I won´t get to see what happens with him since I´m leaving :( But I´m hoping for the best!

Also, this last Thursday, I went to San Pedro to get my Honduran residency! It just means I have permission from the government to stay here for the next year, and it was actually pretty annoying. It´s kind of like the DMV, except even more inefficient (yes, somehow they found a way to accomplish that). So I waited there for about three hours just for them to take a picture, get my fingerprints, and sign a paper. But in the meantime, I got to talk with the other missionaries who were there and share all the cool stories from the mish! :)

We also had a special meeting on Friday (a Zone Conference) where our whole zone gathered to listen to talks from our mission president and some other leaders. It was definitely a spiritually uplifting experience and really motivated all of us to improve the missionary work in our respective areas. Another plus of the meeting is that my Mission President, President Viers, fixed my neck. He was a chiropractor back in the day, so he´s a pretty popular guy with the missionaries after the meetings haha. So he helped me spiritually and physically that day!

Ok, that´s it for this week! Next week should be a doozy though with the info about transfers! Thanks for all the support! And a special thanks to Aunt Wendy and the YM/YW from Chicago for your letters!

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