Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 25

So... hope everyone had a good Mother's Day! And if you didn't say hi/ give a gift to your mom, shame on you! I wrote it in the blog last week to remind you! I definitely got the best gift though because I GOT TO TALK WITH MY PARENTS!!! It was the best two hours of my mission (yes, the baptisms are wonderful, but I hadn't talked to my parents in six months!). One of the highlights was when a member family in our ward brought us dinner, and tried to talk with my parents over skype. If anyone can help my parents with their attempt to learn Spanish, please do it (because they definitely need it haha).

Another Mother's Day present was our three baptisms of a mother and her two kids! Exactly three weeks after meeting them (which is the minimum amount of time possible), they were baptized! They've been so perfect the whole time we've taught them, and I'm positive they're going to be golden members just like they were golden investigators. The two kids are already planning to serve missions! At the baptismal service, my comp and I once again sang the musical number (we must be doing something right because they keep asking us to do it haha). Then, I baptized Ana, and my comp baptized the two kids. The next day, three members (bishop, ward mission leader, and young men's president) did the confirmations. It was awesome (as these things usually tend to be)!

Apparently, it's not just the work in our area that's taking off. Our whole zone is joining in on the party! Word on the street is that our zone had 16 baptisms this last weekend alone, which is incredible! We should break 30 for the month of May, which has our whole zone excited because there's a good chance we'll be "Zona Celestial!" The Celestial Zone gets to eat at the Mission President's house at the end of the month, which is like paradise here in Honduras. Hopefully I'm not jinxing our chances by including this in the blog. We'll find out in a few weeks though...

Well, that's it for this week. Thanks to everyone for their letters the last few weeks- Larry & Co, Abby, Pop & Gram, Ashlee, Kimber, and Tyler. Special shout out to Tyler Stevens, who got his mission call to Rome, Italy! Enjoy the awesome food and language bro :)

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