Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 19

Progress in Progresso -

I thought that was a pretty catchy title for this week's work. Hope everyone else did too haha. Ok time for the recap of the week.

1. We have a baptism on April 6th! It's this 22-year-old girl named Nora that we have been teaching for quite a while. She is dating this guy that's a member, so that has helped a lot haha. Remember, flirt to convert! But anyway, she wanted to be baptized on the day the church was organized. Now if only we could get her mom to be baptized as well...

2. We have also been teaching the mother Norma for the whole time I've been here and a few months before I arrived. She's from an Evangelical church, and she's pretty stubborn about certain things. Now we're down to the last (but most important) problem: a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She still says she hasn't received an answer. Personally, I'm pretty sure she has, but we're working on getting her to realize that she has. We're hoping this next week's General Conference will be the solution.

3. Also, more bad news for the marriage/baptism. Another week gone without it happening. There has just been problem after problem with this situation, but hopefully it gets sorted out within the next few weeks.

4. I finished my first half-gallon of milk this week! I know this is really random, but it's actually a pretty big accomplishment. The milk here expires after about 4 days (5 at the most), so I have to eat a lot of cereal to make this happen haha.

5. Our new Zone Leader is Elder Southwick, but apparently none of the Latins can pronounce his name right. As a result, he just tells them to call him Elder Sandwich hahaha

6. Why was there progress in Progreso (my area) this week? Because we focused on working more with the members. I know a lot of people that read this blog are members, and I encourage everyone to get involved in the work. It's SOOO much more effective with the help of the members, and I know great things can happen with the missionary work if the members get involved. So hopefully everyone can help out the missionaries in their ward! I know they will appreciate it! :)

Ok, that's it from the week. Due to multiple complaints from my faithful writers, I tried to make this blog entry more detailed and include more about the missionary work. Hopefully, I was successful. Enjoy the week, and especially General Conference!

"When the moment of decision comes, the time for preparation has passed."
-Elder Birt

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