Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 17

Hey everyone! Back again after another loooong week in Honduras. It probably just seemed so long because there were so many changes, and there's so much to talk about now. So here goes...
1. I have a new companion! His name is Elder Kreutzer from California, and he has a year on the mission. There's a funny story about when we got called to be companions though. We're in this huge meeting with all the missionaries, and the Mission President just puts up pictures of the two people that will be companions. When it was my turn and I saw Elder Kreutzer's picture, I wasn't sure if he was from the States or from Central America (his dad is white and is mom is from Honduras, so it's hard to tell). So when he came and sat by me, I was like "Does he know English? Should I try speaking English to him?" Haha anyway, turns out he knows English, which has been kinda nice :)
2. The downside is that he doesn't know Spanish very well. His mom didn't teach him when he was growing up, so he had to learn in the MTC and the field just like me. And to be honest, I think I'm as good at Spanish as him (and that's not a good thing because I'm still pretty shaky with Spanish). It's definitely been an interesting challenge. Plus I have WAY more responsibility now since I'm familiar with the area/people and we're pretty much the same with Spanish. It's more like 50/50 this change, whereas last change it was like 95% Elder Jimenez and 5% me haha
3. We're finally supposed to have the wedding this Friday! There's just been problem after problem with this, but we're hoping it can finally get done. Keep that in your prayers because there are still some last-minute issues we're trying to resolve.
4. I saw EVERY elder from my MTC district at the change meeting! It was awesome, and it seems like they're all doing pretty well :)
5. Since we are two gringos in a companionship now, lots of people try to talk to us in English haha. For the most part, I can't understand them because their accent/grammar/vocabulary is so bad. But we actually contacted this one guy who lived in the US for quite a while. He said he wanted us to teach him in English, and it was so weird! It's really hard to talk about the gospel now in English, since I've been doing it for 4 months in Spanish. To be honest, it kinda freaked me out haha. I was like "No, why is this happening?" Also, we might start teaching English classes at the church, which sounds interesting. Our bishop wants us to give him English lessons because he says it helps to know more English in his job search. I've never taught English before (especially to a native Spanish speaker), so it should be interesting.
Ok, that's all for now. Remember: "Today is where your book begins... the rest is still unwritten."
Elder Birt

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