Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 18

Why was it a milestone week? Well, this past Friday, my comp hit the year mark on his mission. And on that same day, I hit my 4-month mark. Its weird because sometimes it seems like the time is passing really slow. But now, looking back, I wonder where the last 4 months went. They just disappeared! Anyway, to celebrate, we... did the same thing we do every other day haha. Sorry if thats a little anticlimactic. Hopefully I can make up for it with some stories from the week.
1. We had a visit from Elder Martino of the Quorum of the Seventy on Wednesday! This meant that all the missionaries were there, and I got to see all my friends! But more importantly, we were able to learn so many things that will help us in the missionary work. I say ¨so many things¨ because he literally talked to us for like 4 hours. It was all good stuff though, and I wouldnt have minded if he went longer. I was mentally drained after though from listening to Spanish so much. The positive- I could pretty much understand everything he said. I think it was a little easier because he had a really good accent and pronounced things better than native Spanish speakers. But it was a way to gauge my progress since I first arrived here in Honduras, and its amazing how fast Im learning. Its a little easier as a missionary though because we have some extra help :)
2. Two interesting stories from the week when we were knocking doors: we found an Evangelical pastor and a Jehovas witness (on separate occasions). We taught both of them about the Book of Mormon, and they got really fired up about it! They started yelling at us about how the Bible is the only true book and how there cant be any more scriptures. And they tried to show us all these scriptures in the Bible about why they were right about all this different doctrine. My comp kinda got sucked in to the Bible battles, which obviously didnt work. I was just like ¨Hey, we believe in the Bible too. And we also believe in the Book of Mormon. But you dont have to take our word for it. Just read, ponder, and pray, and you can receive an answer for yourself.¨ So we ended up leaving them Book of Mormons. Hopefully they dont burn them, and they actually accept our invitation. Im not holding my breath though haha
3. We had to drop two of our investigators this past week cuz they dont do ANYTHING! Literally, its two ladies who dont work or go to school. I think they just sit in their house, and watch TV all day cuz that was always what they were doing when we went to their house. They always invited us to teach them, but they were really disrespectful in our lessons (not listening, texting, just leaving for a different room, etc.). Im a pretty mellow person, but I ended up telling it to them like it is (or in our mission vocabulary, ¨machete-ing them¨ haha). A lot of people are like that here though- they always invite us in, but dont show up for appointments and are just really wishy-washy in general.
4. So we played soccer this morning... and it was really disappointing. For the last changes, a lot of the Latins left and more Americans came in. So the quality of our soccer games has greatly declined. To give you an idea, I was the best person on my team. We lost because... well... its never good when Im the best person on a team.
Ok, thats all for this week. Thanks for all the letters of support and encouragement! Its always great to hear from all of you! Also, Im sorry for not using apostrophes in my blog entries. I cant figure out how to use an apostrophe because the keyboards are different here haha. ¡Que les vaya bien! :)

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