Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 15

Dang, another week is over! The time is flying by! Here are a few stories/updates from the week that was...
1. We didn't end up having the wedding (and obviously the baptisms as well) because of a problem with the paperwork. The guy's last name is Caraccioli, but showed up as Daraccioli on his paperwork. It would be funny, but it meant they couldn't get married or baptized :( Anyway, they're working on fixing that, which could take a while cuz it has to be sent back to Tegucigalpa. I don't fully understand the legal stuff, but it's pretty frustrating in this instance.
2. I was sick for the first time this week. Kinda lame because we took a couple hours off Thursday night cuz I was feeling so bad. But I took some medicine and got a good night's sleep, and felt good as new Friday morning! And it hasn't bothered me since. Blessing? I think yes.
3. Inevitably, I end up having conversations with people about languages since I'm still learning Spanish. Maybe it's because I'm learning another language, but I've realized how many things in English don't really make sense. It's really hilarious when my companion reads scriptures in English though. He gets pretty frustrated that vowels can make different sounds in English (it's the same every time in Spanish). Also, there are some words in Spanish that are also English words but are pronounced differently. These always make me laugh because they sound ridiculous. The best example is "bus," which is pronounced "boose" in Spanish haha
4. Violence Story of the Week: This will explain why my blog entry from last week was so short as well. When we were typing e-mails last week, we heard a gunshot outside the Internet cafe we were using, but nobody really worried about it (that's how often it happens here). Anyway, after about 10 minutes, we saw this big crowd gathered across the street, so we went to check it out. And there, lying on the street, was a dead guy. It was only like 200 feet from where I was! What the heck! Why is there gun violence at 5 in the afternoon on a busy street?! This country is crazy... And to my parents (especially my mom), don't worry. It's a violent country, but missionaries are really safe. Everyone respects us, even if they don't agree with our church.
5. So apparently I was sleep-talking the night I was sick. Nobody has ever told me that I sleep-talk, so I really wanted to know what I said! Sadly, I was still talking in English, which meant my companion didn't know what I was saying. In fact, he was really confused by it haha. Maybe I'll start sleep-talking in Spanish soon, so he can tell me what I'm saying.
Ok, I gotta go, but I hope everyone has a great week. Enjoy your Leap Day! Love you all, and I'll keep you in my prayers
Elder Birt

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