Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 13

Hey everyone! Hope everybody had a great week! It´s now been 3 weeks in Honduras for me, which in some ways feels like 3 days and in other ways feels like 3 months. Here´s a quick update on the week:
1. We played soccer this morning with a bunch of other missionaries, and some teenagers that are members of the church. We split up into three teams of 4 and the Latins thought it would be funny if one team was all Americans. So we took our turn getting owned by one of the Latin teams. Actually, by some miracle, we won one of our games, but it was pretty rough for the most part. I did lead the All-Gringo team in scoring though, so maybe I gained some respect from the Latins.
2. So the missionary work has been a bit of a struggle this week. The 9-year-old we were planning on baptizing didn´t come to church and still won´t talk to us very much. We´re also having a tough time finding investigators who are truly interested. But we do have a wedding set up for the 24th and hopefully we will baptize the couple the next day. Their kids are already members of the church, and we´ve been teaching them for quite a while. We´ve just been waiting for some paperwork to get through, so they can get married. (Apparently, noone is married here, so missionaries normally have to marry adults before baptizing them.)
3. We contacted a lady this week that had a naked kid running around the house! I was trying to focus on understanding Spanish, but at the same time was like ¨Hey, that kid needs some clothes!¨ It was an interesting experience.
4. The Spanish is slowly improving. I´ve noticed that it really depends on who is talking. Some people pronounce their words really well, and are fairly easy to understand. Others slur words, talk really quietly, and/or have crazy accents. Sometimes these people talk to my companion, and I´m amazed that he can understand them. It barely even sounds like a language!
5. I tried two foods this week that I´ve had in America, but never had here. The first was cake because we were celebrating a birthday! It was pretty disappointing compared to cake in the States. I don´t think they use as much sugar, which I was bummed about. Second was banana bread, which was AWESOME! They have tons of bananas here, so I guess everyone has plenty of practice making banana bread.
6. Special poll question: My companion celebrates his 21st birthday soon, and I need ideas for a gift. Keep in mind the limitations are that I´m always with him so he would see me buy something, that I´m in Honduras, and that I´m quite poor. It will take some creativity, but I know you guys can come through. If you have ideas, post them on my facebook, and my mom will send them to me.
Oh and if you want to send me something, here is my address:
Elder Cameron Birt
Honduras San Pedro Sula Misión
Apartado Postal 1970
San Pedro Sula, Cortés, Honduras C.A.
Keep in mind that it´s probably easier and also a little bit faster to use DearElder. But I do enjoy hand-written letters as well. So you now have the option. Hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine´s Day and week in general! ¡Que le vaya bien!
Elder Birt (or Beert in Honduras)

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