Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 14

So we went to the beach this morning for a P-day extravaganza. It was ok, but considering it´s against mission rules to swim, we were kind of limited in our activities. Actually, it wasn´t very smart in my opinion cuz we wasted 3 hours of a P-day on a bus to and from the beach. P-days are precious! We can´t waste that time haha
The big news of the week was the progress with our work here in Progreso. That´s kind of ironic that ¨progreso¨ is ¨progress¨ in Spanish. I guess it´s meant to be. We have a wedding planned for Friday, with a baptism on the following day. The wife is a sure thing, but we are having problems with the husband. Hopefully, we get them sorted out in the next few days. Also, the boy we are trying to teach won´t come to church, so we still need to do some more work on that. All this means that most likely, we will only have 1 baptism this next week. We did find a few others that are interested in our message though, so that looks promising.
Ok the computer cafe is kicking me out! Sorry for the short entry. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!
Elder Birt

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