Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 48

VERY interesting week... probably the most interesting of my mission so far. Let's just start from the beginning...

On Tuesday, our zone leaders were still here on the island, so I went out to work with one of them, while my comp worked with the other. We were having a good day until about 4:00 when the big news came. Elder Garcia, the zone leader I was with, got a call from my comp Elder Jurado. And that's when we both found out that Elder Jurado was going back home... as in going home to El Salvador. Apparently, he and President made the decision that day because of the sickness problems he had been having. He still finished the mission with honors though. That set in motion a big chain of events...

Wednesday morning, the four of us left the island, and then Elder Jurado and I continued on to San Pedro. That day, we ran a couple errands with the mission secretaries and visited a couple of Jurado's converts from San Pedro. That night, we ate Jurado's farewell dinner with President Veirs. It was lasagna... like real lasagna... and we had cake for dessert. It was probably the best meal I've had in Honduras. Ok, sorry I got sidetracked. After that, we slept in the house of the AP's and mission secretaries, which happens to be a mansion. It's the coolest house I've ever been in, including the United States. So that was cool... although we only slept there for 4 hours. That's because we woke up early to take Jurado to the airport. Then I just ran errands with the AP's and secretaries all day, including going to the airport again to pick up Elder Skousen, a missionary that had gone back to the States for surgery and returned. Thursday night, President FINALLY called me in for my interview, where I learned the following things. I'm senior companion and Branch President. My new companion is Elder Skousen, who is also senior companion. President is planning on pulling the missionaries out of my area of Utila. The only way he won't do it is if we find or activate a Branch President. And all this when I've only been in the area two weeks! Crazy right?

On Friday morning, we drove with the APs to Ceiba, so we could take the boat to Utila. Side note: There are no traffic laws in Honduras, so we were driving between 80-115 mph for most of the trip. We got there safe though mom! And Friday night, we finally made it back to Utila, and started the normal mission routine again. We've been focusing on fixing the problems of potential Branch President candidates, but there's still a long way to go. Also, church yesterday was nuts! The two people assigned to give talks didn't show up, so my comp and I both had to whip out 15 minute talks. Mine went fairly well. Then, I gave two lessons in the next two hours, counted tithing, and took the sacrament to two other people. Just all in a day's work!

An interesting result of having a Gringo companion is that we speak in English almost all the time now. I kind of think of it as a Spanish speaking mission in the states because we do a lot in English, but then teach and have church in Spanish. I like it though.

Well, I don't have a whole lot of time today, so I gotta go. Hope everyone has a great week y nos vemos en la semana que viene!

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