Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 45

Well... it's that time again. The time where I leave the friendly confines of San Marcos and take off for another area. We have the change meeting with all the missionaries this Wednesday, and I'll find out my new area and my new companion.

Leaving an area always leaves me really confused. I'm sad to leave all the people I've met here in San Marcos, but I'm happy to move on and start all over again in a new area. It's always tough saying goodbye though. I guess it's pretty amazing how close you can get to people in 4 short months. That's just life on the mission though.

In other news, Elder Hebert and I, in an effort to finish off the change with a bang, finally convinced our district leader to do divisions again this past Friday. Yet again, it was awesome! We visited some cool investigators and members in Hebert's area, and then stayed up til 3 in the morning talking about life and playing backgammon. How cool is that? Haha but Hebert has changes too! Could lightning strike 3 times? I guess we'll see on Wednesday...

In the cultural highlight of the week, it's time to talk about food again? But this time, the awesome fruit they have here in Honduras! I think I already talked about bananas one time, but I can't really remember. Suffice it to say that I'm pretty sure the bananas here are better than the ones in the States. They pretty much have all the same fruit that we have in the States, except it's fresher (as in some Honduran guy picked it off a tree a couple hours before) and therefore better. Plus they have some random fruits that we don't have in the States. My favorite is called leaches. Probably sounds gross... and they look gross too. But they're really good. Kinda like candy actually. Anyway, there's always vendors that come on our buses and sell all this fruit, along with a bunch of other stuff too. Basically, it's more evidence that Latins are obsessed with food haha.

Ok, I gotta go, but thanks to everyone for your letters, prayers, and all the other support you're giving me. See you all next week from a different area with a different comp!

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