Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 33

Howdy, ya'll! Haha that sounds so ridiculous now. Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Mine was quite anticlimactic- I didn't even remember it was the 4th til the afternoon. As a celebration, I told my companion haha.
Well, the big news of this week (for missionaries) is there's a change meeting this Wednesday! But again, it's anticlimactic because my companion and I are sticking together for another transfer. So it's looking like another 6 weeks with Xol in San Marcos.
The other big news is that we have another baptism this week! I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but we're going to baptize an 18-year old girl named Katherine, who is living with and working for a member in our branch. She finally came to church for the third time, so we can have the baptism this week (she's wanted to do it for a while, but couldn't come to church for a variety of reasons). In other investigator news, we had some more success this week at church, with 6 investigators. It's really strange though, because each of them have certain problems that we have to resolve if they're going to get baptized. So we don't have any other firm dates set up, but there are some possibilities for this month still.
So this one day, we went to a member's house to teach a quick message and invite them to church (they're less-active in the church). And as we're teaching the lesson, I see one of the kids with a machete chopping a piece of wood. That's not that strange here in Honduras, but what WAS strange was that he was eating the wood after cutting the bark off. After we taught the lesson, I asked the mom what her kid was eating, and she told me it was "caña," which luckily I remembered means sugarcane. So I asked her if I could try some, and she chopped me up a few pieces. It was very strange because I was eating wood, and it had the texture of wood, but it tasted like sugar and was quite tasty :) Also, we had a few service projects this last week, where I got to cut grass with a machete (which is nearly impossible) and plant corn (which was fairly enjoyable). And then I played soccer this morning too! I think this means I'm getting the full Honduran cultural experience haha
Well, I won't be going to the change meeting, which means I can't send letters with a missionary who is going home. So I'm sorry to those who have sent me letters in the last 6 weeks (thank you Ashlee and Zach for the letters this past week). You'll have to wait for the terrible Honduran mail service, which will either lose my letter entirely or get it to you in 2 months :( But thanks so much for the letters- they're always amazing!
Quote of the week: "I hope they say about me what they said about the cross-eyed javelin thrower. He didn't set any records, but at least he kept the people on their toes."- Elder Holland

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