Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 2

Hey guys! This week was a little less crazy. I'm slowly getting used to how stuff works here haha. Thanks to everyone that sent me a letter! They were awesome! Speaking of which, I guess I need to talk a little bit about the mailing situation here. I only get 30 minutes for e-mail, so if I get a bunch of e-mails, it cuts into the time I have to write back. So the best way to get in touch is either DearElder or a hand-written letter. We get those during the week and can read them whenever. And then I can send a letter back on my P-day. If you do want to e-mail though, include your address so I can write a letter back. Oh, one other plus of DearElder is that we get them as a district every day. So I'll look really popular if I get a bunch of DearElders. So far, my companion is dominating- he got like 10 last week! Although most were from this crazy girl that is obsessed with him haha. Anyway, I guess I'll steal Rory's idea and do a bullet list cuz it's easier to include everything I want to say.

- Sunday was weird! It was pretty much a normal day other than having a sacrament meeting.

- We have to write a talk (in Spanish) for every Sacrament meeting. Then the Presidency calls on two people to give talks. Thank goodness I didn't get called on this week cuz my Spanish is still a little sketchy.

- We had a few more lessons with our progressive investigator. One of them was so awkward and uncomfortable! My companion and I think that she was making it harder on us since our first two lessons went pretty well. But the fourth lesson, we got a baptismal commitment, which was obviously awesome! The downside is that every companionship got her to agree to be baptized, so it was obviously planned for that to happen haha

- We've had two apostles come this week! Elder Christofferson came for the Tuesday Devotional and Elder Nelson came for the special Thanksgiving Devotional! I guess that's how they do it at the MTC.

- Elder Underwood had his birthday on Tuesday, so Elder Hebert and I decided to get him a present! Since we're so poor though, we got a rock and got our whole district to sign it. I wrote "You rock!" I know it's a terrible joke, but I still think it's funny... and he did too!

- Elder Hebert and I tried our first "language fast" on Wednesday. Technically, you're supposed to go a whole day without speaking English, but we started out by going for one hour. It was so much harder than I thought it would be, and it felt like that hour lasted forever! Haha but it helped a lot- we're gonna keep going longer until we can make it for a whole day.

- The Spanish lessons are super easy. We just learned ser and estar yesterday. Yes, that's right... I said ser and estar... like the first thing you learn in Spanish. Yet they expect us to teach whole lessons in Spanish to investigators. I don't really think that makes sense. Unless they're building our confidence with the lessons after we struggle through teaching a lesson haha

- I've eaten two PB&Js this week! For those who don't know, I pretty much hate sandwiches and haven't had a PB&J in like ten years. It still didn't taste good, but I figure it's good practice for when I have to eat cow brain or something crazy in Honduras.

- Oh, I didn't explain this last week. There are nine guys in our district now (one left on like the third day). And then there are three districts in our zone. There are no girls in our district and only like three in our zone.

- Gym is awesome! It's the time that everyone looks forward to. It's just great cuz we study ALL DAY and then get a chance to exercise and relax for a while. I've made a lot of friends playing basketball since it's pretty much the same guys every time. Oh, and I played volleyball once and got to see Elder Cannon play. He played in high school and then for a year at UC Irvine, so he's a total beast! I've never played with anyone as good as him.

- Some of the companionships in our district don't get along very well. Luckily, Elder Hebert and I are still getting along really well. But there's been some tension in the other companionships- especially the threesome (since we have an odd number in our district). I hope I'm never in a threesome.

- It's been another great week spiritually. Like I said, it just feels awesome all the time being here. It's tough work, but definitely worth it.

Ok, I'm almost out of time. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Have fun, stay safe, and send letters! Letters are like gold here, so it's always awesome to get them haha. And I promise I'll write back :)

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